On this episode of Hawaii Creators, Emi Hart and I talkstory with Pua Pakele & Cabot of Rebel Media, a creative agency to help entrepreneurs build bold, innovative brands.

Emi and Pua go back to her college days, and Ryan has known her for over a decade, so we retrace Pua’s path from a marketing and events intern to podcaster to business strategist. We also talk about her work developing and publishing online courses and helping others do the same. Even Emi shares some of her journey, now rediscovering her love of making music and her aspirations to share her process online.

Finally, we get Pua’s advice for aspiring founders and content creators, especially those that have a million ideas and struggle to find and focus on the most meaningful and promising ones.

Key conversation points:

  • Pua discusses her journey from college intern to business owner, helping entrepreneurs build their personal brands and online courses
  • Going from an unfocused consulting business to finding her true calling in brand building and digital media
  • The power of clarity, alignment, and understanding your target audience
  • Tips for creating excellent online courses and passive income streams
  • Overcoming discomfort on camera and achieving consistency with social platforms like YouTube
  • Advice for multi-passionate creators on niche-ing down while still pursuing different creative outlets
  • Staying true to yourself, your season of life, and not letting money dictate your passions
  • Learning to start before you’re ready and make peace with the mess of creativity

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