In this episode of the Hawaii Creators podcast, host Peter Kay interviews Cameron Brooks, a professional helicopter photographer who has been capturing aerial shots of Hawaii for over 10 years.

Cameron shares how he first got into aerial photography after being invited on helicopter flights by a friend, renowned artist John Pitre, who owned his own helicopter. Cameron quickly realized aerial photography was his passion.

Peter and Cameron discuss how Cameron built his business by developing relationships with companies that license his photos for marketing. They also talk about how drone photography has impacted helicopter photography – while drones can’t reach the heights helicopters can, their stability technology enables great video.

Peter Kay catches up with aerial photographer Cameron Brooks, who has been capturing breathtaking images of Hawaii from helicopters for more than a decade.

The conversation covers Cameron’s favorite aerial shots like a lightning storm over Honolulu, a pod of dolphins off Diamond Head, sunrays over the Kāneʻohe sandbar, and rare scenes like flooding in Kapiolani Park. He shares advice for aspiring photographers about using sites to print large high-quality prints to showcase their photography in the real world.

Looking ahead, Cameron is working on getting his photos printed on products and sold in ABC stores across Hawaii. He also shares his dreams of decorating entire homes with themed collections of his aerial photography. Cameron even invites listeners to join him on helicopter flights over Hawaii to capture unforgettable engagement and wedding photos.

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