Hawaii comic book creators have collaborated on an anthology called “Maui Strong” to raise funds for disaster relief efforts on Maui in the wake of devastating wildfires, organizers announced Tuesday.

The anthology consists of illustrated versions of ancient Hawaiian myths and legends from Maui that have been passed down through generations. Carl Shinyama, an illustrator and editor spearheading the project, told Hawaii News Now he reached out to over a dozen Hawaiian artists and writers to “help tell this mo’olelo” through the anthology.

“Some of these stories are being adapted for the very first time. In a way, we’re making history,” said contributing writer Joshua Sky.

The independent comic book website Zoop is coordinating pre-orders and donations for the anthology’s production. All proceeds will go to Maui Rapid Response, a non-profit providing direct aid to Maui residents affected by the wildfires.

The creators are hoping comic book collectors, retailers, schools and libraries will purchase copies in bulk so more financial assistance can get to those in need.

“The point of the book isn’t to make a big profit; it’s to give back to the community and also leave something worthwhile that will move readers and also show future generations these stories, really educate them in an entertaining fashion,” said Sky.

The anthology’s contributors have waived their fees to maximize donations. “I just wanted to tell all of the creators, ‘You guys have been incredible! Thank you so much for making my job easy throughout the process. I appreciate all of you,'” said Shinyama.

The online store can be found at this link: https://zoop.gg/c/mauistrong

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